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Personal care and estate planning solutions for seniors and their families
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If your family is responsible for an elderly relative, don't just assume that there is a long term care, medical or financial plan in place. It is hard to think about caring for an aging relative, but matters of declining health, estate planning, and financing medical and long-term care costs, are all difficult issues that must be faced.

But you do not have to do this alone.

If you are facing the physical or mental decline of a family member, Doug Kaplan can help. With more than 25 years of experience helping families like yours prepare both financially and emotionally for long-term care.

When a parent, spouse or loved one needs increasing help with personal care, the physical stress and worry about money can affect everyone. Yet, with planning, you and your family can meet these long-term care challenges while still protecting the home and the lifestyle.

So they can enjoy greater degrees of financial security and plan lasting legacies, Doug works with elders and their maturing children by assessing the folowing:

Tax and regulatory issues

Doug can also answer your questions about financial planning. Should you have a family trust? If so, who should become trustee? Family business succession, gifting, estate planning - these are not simply legal matters, but personal and financial moves that may affect families for generations. Like a family doctor, Doug acts as a trusted advisor to put your family on the right path.

Doug Kaplan says, "Seniors enrich our lives and they deserve to age comfortably without worrying their families or where the money will come from."


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