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Recognized as an instructor and expert in aging and long-term care issues.

Served for four elected terms as Public Guardian/Administrator of Yolo County, acting as legal Guardian and Trustee for elderly and disabled people, or for those unable to care for themselves, or needing assistance with their finances or activities of daily living.

Former President of the State and National Guardianship Associations.

Helped write new legislation for the State of California helping save the homes of more than 30,000 seniors in skilled nursing facilities, when he took office in 1983.

Initiated the Adopt-A-Grandparent program, as a Public Service/Political Science major at the University of California at Davis in the 1970s. This program still connects students with those living in nursing care facilities.



"Doug Kaplan was there for us; he gave us all peace of mind, without spending a fortune on legal fees or buying an annuity. Doug made the process simple for us in a very trying time." - Kathleen Patrocinio, Sacramento, California

"Within a month, Doug Kaplan helped us qualify my mom for Medi-Cal, which paid for her nursing home care while still protecting her home and personal assets."- Chuck Turner, Vacaville, California

For complete financial care in guiding elders and their families to complete financial security, contact Doug Kaplan.


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